My Valentine’s Mishap!

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Hello again,

I woke up yesterday morning feeling guilty.   My husband had sneakily placed a valentine’s card for me on my bedside table whilst I was asleep.  So my first thought on Sunday morning was “Oh no, I didn’t think we were bothering this year, blast I haven’t even got a card.”  We had said “it’s just another day” and “oh well after all these years (32) you know I still love you or I would have buggered off by now”, but he still bought the card and I felt full movie The Exception 2017 online

So to make amends, whilst he was doing his couple of hours on the local radio, I rushed to Sainsbury’s to see what was left.

It is quite hard to be romantic when you live with your 84 year old mum and two dogs.  I mean you can’t exactly rip each other’s clothes off and make passionate love in front of the fire; apart from fighting the dogs off, it would probably give my mother a heart attack.

So I settled for a card, heart shaped chocolates and a posh Sunday lunch for 3!  Poor mum she did feel awkward but apart from locking herself in her room like a five year old or pitching a tent in the garden, there wasn’t much she could do. Valentine’s Day is for spending time with the ones you love which includes mothers, pets and husbands (and there is always next year).download full movie Berlin Syndrome 2017

Next stop is Mother’s Day.  I only know that because whilst I was in a hurry to buy the valentines card, they were clearing the shelves in Sainsbury’s to fill them with Mothers Day gifts.  That’s on 6th March and is closely followed by Easter on 27th March.  It is hardly surprising that the year goes by so quickly, no sooner have we bought a card for one event, we are on to the next.

Was that a moan?  Does this mean I’ve turned into a Grumpy old woman?  OH NO!!!! – I promised myself, I would never do that and it just crept up on me.

So on that note, before my blog turns in to a full blown rant, I’m off to get my card early for Mothers day,  I did the same thing last year and forgot where I put the ruddy thing which is a whole different story…. I think I might be menopausal….. Oh hang on, I might know a book about that!

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