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Sheila Wenborne was born in Brentwood, Essex in May 1959 to John and Pat Smith and was the second of four children.

A happy child, she had a strong artistic streak and would earn extra pocket money by selling her beautifully made dolls and crafts to friends and neighbours. The entrepreneur instinct in Sheila was active at a very early age. However, one thing that the young Sheila was not good at was sport, and in particular Rounders. Her lack of interest in the game meant that she was often the last to be picked for the team and consequently relegated to the position of “fielder” at the very furthest outpost of the boundary.

Away from all the action, Sheila’s mind would wander and before long she would find herself daydreaming and picking daisy’s only to be rudely awakened by shouts from her team as the ball bounced next to her. Soon she was known by all her friends as “Sheila the Daisy Picker,” an affectionate nickname that stayed with her into early adulthood.

After leaving school, Sheila worked as an administrator in a local office but she soon realised that the restriction of a 9 to 5 job was not for her. Her ambition was to see as much of the world as possible so she applied to various luxury cruise lines and airlines only to be told that she was “too young” and should reapply when she had more experience.

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