Mother’s Day

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The big day in March was of course, “Mother’s Day” and although I am not a mother myself , I do have one.  Not only do I have one, but she lives with me and has done for the last 15 years.

The best thing about living with Mum is, apart from the fact that she is my mum and helps me like only a mum can, I am also one of four children, so on such a special day, the flowers came from near and far accompanied by chocolates to our house – which quickly resembled a florist/chocolatier shop!

My special treat was to take her for a girlie day.  Even though we live together we never seem to spend any quality time with one another so to rectify that we did what all women do… we hit the shops.

We spent most of the time window shopping. We tried on everything from shoes to handbags (my husband always laughs when I say that – it’s a girl thing, men just don’t understand) clothes that were totally unsuitable (but who cares it just has to be done) and some that were well out of our price range, it’s nice to dream a little and we phentermine bought lots of stuff we didn’t really need; underwear (that will probably be going back next week), make up (we sampled so many lipsticks on the back of our hands they went a funny shade of pink) and a loofah (don’t ask). Eventually, after several hours, when we felt fit to drop, we collapsed into a large comfortable chair and ordered afternoon tea.

We returned home extremely tired but very content.  We had laughed together all day and it’s nice to know that she is not just my mum, she is also my friend.

I had one more job to do, as a loving daughter, it is my responsibility to keep mum healthy and happy at all times, so I shared her chocolates (just so she wouldn’t put on too much weight) and then I opened a lovely bottle of red wine to make her feel relaxed and happy.

I love Mother’s day it’s a win-win situation…  I get all of the fun and I didn’t do any of the hard work.

Thanks for a great day Mum. x

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