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Hokey Cokey LogoSo today is the day we have to make the decision to either stay IN or OUT.  No, it’s not the hokey-cokey, I am of course referring to the EU Referendum.

We have had months to make our minds up, we have discussed the pros and cons until we’re blue in the face. We have had debates on TV, Radio and on every part of Social Media and no wonder, it is a huge decision for us to make.

This could change our lives forever. No pressure, right?

Now here’s a fact that the politicians have failed to mention when asking the country to decide. There are an estimated 13 million women currently, peri or post-menopausal in the UK which is equal to one-third of the entire female population. I’m menopausal and I can’t decide what to have for dinner let alone whether it’s a good idea to break away from the European Union or not!

Decision making is difficult and not only for us menopausal girls. When faced with any decision (should I have a white wine or that new sexy drink they are advertising on TV?) nine times at of ten we’ll choose the safe option and go with the devil we know rather than take a risk on something we are unfamiliar with and potentially make a mistake. It’s a problem the Psychiatrists call “Loss Aversion” and my mother- in-law used to call, “safe not sorry”.

Many years ago I accompanied my mother and father-in-law to buy new carpet. They were very excited about the purchase and discussed all the way to the shops whether they should have a whole new look and go for a different colour all together (they had always gone for green) or stay with an updated version of what they already had. My Father-in-law said he wanted to stay as they were. “I like Green. It’s peaceful and soothing to the eye. Lets stay with green.” He said, but my Mother- in- law was adamant, “No Joe, I want a change. I’m tired of Green. Lets have something different for a change.”

We all entered CarpetRight excited, ready to “walk on the wild side” and choose a new coloured carpet for the hall and living room.

My Mother and Father-in-Law couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the enormous choice of colours and textures available.  They ran their fingers through all the different piles and discussed the patterns and the thickness of the underlay.  “They have some lovely colours. What do you fancy Nelly?” I asked, pleased to be part of the decision making.

“I’m not sure” Nelly replied narrowing her eyes and scanning the range, “but I definitely don’t want green!”

“That’s fine,” I said, “at least I know where not to look.”

We were in the shop for hours (yes I’m not joking – hours! We were given several cups of tea and the salesman even offered to pop out to get us a sandwich we were there so long.) Eventually and to everyone’s great relief Nelly and Joe finally agreed on a deep piled, sculpture cut, terracotta carpet.

“Fantastic choice” I said over-enthusiastically.  “Let’s go and order it and get out of this shop before I lose the will to live!”

We made our way to the sales desk and gave the cashier all our details, we filled in the paperwork and were just about to hand over the cheque when Nelly suddenly said, “What colour did you say Sheila?”

“Terracotta, Nelly” I smiled through clenched teeth desperate to close on the deal and go home.

“Oh no! I don’t want Terracotta! Terracotta looks like babies poo!”

“How about that other one you liked then…The burgundy?”

Nelly Shock her head and snarled.

“We’re going to be here all night” sighed Joe.

“What colour would you like Nelly?” I begged.

She thought for a moment then her face lit up “I think I’d better stay with (you’ve guessed it) Green!!”

“GREEN” Joe, the Salesman and I echoed.

“Yes, I like green. I know we always have green but I like it and it goes with the wallpaper. Better safe than sorry.”

My point: It doesn’t matter what you are told or how many debates you listen to, we all play hokey-cokey for weeks and weeks and it is usually on the day that we make up our minds.

So whatever the Polls may predict, what will be, will be.   I hope you get the decision you want, if not, I’m sure we will learn to cope with it.

One thing is for sure, you can never really anticipate what anyone is going to do until the moment they sign on the dotted line.

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