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Sheila's natural products textIt was only last year, but it seems like a lifetime cheap jerseys ago when I mentioned to a friend how using a small magnet had helped me enormously with my menopause symptoms.  He was so intrigued that he wanted to know more and said ‘there must be hundreds of women who felt just like me.’ Of course, he was right.

I was lucky enough to be featured in the National Newspapers and several magazines, telling the story of how magnets changed my life completely.   Email’s starting flooding in and the phone lit up like a beacon.

I knew from personal experience that this was a taboo subject and that many of us ladies were suffering in silence but nothing could have prepared me for the amount of women seeking advice and help.

The normal comments were of course regarding hot flushes, mood swings, irritability, feeling of woolly headedness and generally going Bonkers, but through all of that haziness the main enquiry was for skincare advice.

Many were finding that their long forgotten ‘teenage acne’ had returned or they had developed skin conditions such as eczema.

This started me thinking and after looking at products already on the market I decided I needed to create something new that I would be happy to endorse and I wanted it to be purely organic Giovanni Soto game jersey (or as near as I could get).  I was also keen for it to be handmade, for the ingredients to be of the finest quality, made from renewable materials and preferably sourced within the UK.

Ideally, this would include the packaging as well as the products themselves.  So after lots of discussions with my small ‘development’ team (my friend and my husband) we decided that we would have elegant glass jars that could be reusable.

We then started the process of creating and designing the labels.  It was so exciting to see everything come together. On the day the postman knocked and we opened the parcels to see our own label I thought I would burst at the seams with happiness.  Wow – Sheila’s creams were now a reality, all we had to do was stick all those labels on all those jars!!!!

Thanks to all the hard work and dedication from everyone involved I now have something that I am very proud to put my name to and a beautiful product that is highly praised by all who use it.

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